Fireplace Measurement Sheet

Measurement Sheet
Best daytime phone number to reach you
(depth of mantel shelf)
(depth of trim below shelf)
(width of the fireplace – refer to illustration above)
(height of fireplace – refer to illustration above)
(above the fireplace, below trim – refer to illustration above)
(top of the fireplace opening to bottom of mantel shelf – refer to illustration above)
(width of space to immediate left or right of the fireplace, refer to illustration above)
(width of back wall)
(depth of floor of your fireplace, taken from FRONT to BACK floor area of fireplace)
(center width of floor of your fireplace)
Are there louvers above your opening?
Do you have glass doors on your fireplace?
Does your chimney have a cap?
Has your fireplace been cleaned in the past 12 months?
Is your fireplace on a crawlspace or a slab?
Is there a gas source present?
What type of gas will you burn?
Does your fireplace draw well?
(if applicable)

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