Vented-Decorative Gas Logs

Vented Gas Logs

Vented Decorative
Gas Logs

Nothing compares to the realism of a high quality vented gas log. All of our vented sets have high detail ceramic or refractory casting and multicolored painted logs that look like real wood. Glowing embers are the base for an active flame. Accessories like crackling embers, raised ember beds, and burner extensions are available for some sets. Even though they burn more cleanly than wood, vented decorative gas logs must be fully vented (damper completely open) and they are not sold as a heating appliance. If you are a traditional wood-burner and are unwilling to sacrifice realism for heat, vented decorative gas logs may satisfy your needs.

Vented-Decorative Gas Logs

  • Your fireplace must be inspected by a certified chimney sweep before you install any gas log set
  • Vented logs have the most realistic look of any gas hearth appliance – the flame touches the log
  • Vented (decorative) gas logs are not sold as a heat source
  • Available in natural or propane gas, some models can use a remote, wall switch, thermostat remote, or other accessories
  • Combustion air is drawn from the room.
  • No odors or combustion products are retained in the room – they are vented out via the chimney
  • Vented-decorative gas logs must be installed in a operational wood-burning fireplace
  • Some logs may be moved to arrange fire the way you like it
  • All models at Bart Fireside come with a safety-pilot, ember material, and lava rock for the floor of the fireplace


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