Over our years in business, our staff at Bart Fireside has been shocked at the number of customers who have never read the operating manuals for their fireplace, stove, or insert heating appliance. Some people feel that since we professionally installed the appliance, there is no need to read the manual. However, for safety reasons in particular, you should always thoroughly read the entire instruction manual for every heating appliance in your home before using that appliance. We also recommend that you keep all operating manuals to use as a reference if you encounter any future problems. So often, we receive service calls from customers with questions and issues that can be answered and solved by reading the operating manual. We would like to share with you some information from About Home to let you know why you should always carefully read the operating manuals for every fireplace, stove, insert, or other heating appliance in your home.

Operating Manual - Columbia SC - Bart Fireside

Warranty Information

Your operating manual contains important details about the warranty for your heating appliance, including its limitations and its coverage period. Bart Fireside recommends that you write down the warranty period, date of purchase, and serial number on the front of the operating manual for quick and easy reference.

Parts List

A very helpful tool to have when you encounter a problem with your heating appliance, your operating manual will show a diagram of the unit with each part labeled and numbered. You are typically given the ordering number for each part to assist you with finding replacement parts if needed.

How It Works

Every operating manual for each heating appliance sold by Bart Fireside contains detailed information about how your appliance works and what exactly the appliance does. You will also find operational tips and suggestions. You should especially pay attention to the ordered sequence of steps that should be followed in order for your heating appliance to function safely and properly.

Special Features

If you have a gas-fueled fireplace, stove, or insert, your appliance may come with a remote control. You can find out everything you need to know about this special feature as well as other unique options your heating appliance may have.

Recommended Maintenance and Troubleshooting

We at Bart Fireside cannot stress enough how essential it is for you to carefully read this entire section of your operating manual of your fireplace, stove, or insert. This section should tell you everything you should do to keep your heating appliance working properly and safely. The troubleshooting information usually includes frequently asked questions that you can consult in case of a problem. Reading all of the troubleshooting suggestions can save you a service visit from us.

If you have purchased a fireplace, stove, or insert from Bart Fireside and have misplaced the operating manual, contact us as soon as possible. We can find the right manual for your heating appliance.