If you are shopping for fireplace accessories, it can be easy to become overwhelmed as you have many different options. You may have difficulties deciding exactly which tools you need. You know you need special tools to maintain your fires, but what kinds of tools are necessary? You may not even have the space to store every type of fireplace accessory available. If you need help deciding exactly which fireplace tools you need, Bart Fireside is at your service. Our staff knows which fireplace accessories you really need to create the best tool kit, and we would like to share with you the fireplace tools we feel are the most important for fireplace maintenance.
Which fireplace accessories are necessary - Columbia SC - Bart Fireside



To best tend to your wood fires, you need a good fireplace poker that can hook, rake, and push burning firewood. We recommend that you find a poker with an insulated handle that will protect you from getting burned when you use this tool, which is made of iron to be fireproof. Pokers come in different lengths, and the longest pokers will give you the best protection from the heat and radiation from the flames. According to Do It Yourself, a poker is necessary to handle burning logs without risking injuries.


Shovel and Bucket

Made of iron or metal, you can use a shovel as a poker when the fire is dying out. You will need a fireplace shovel to safely remove ashes from the firebox, and you will shovel those ashes into the metal bucket. Be sure the bucket has a lid, which plays a very important role to prevent accidental fires from smoldering ashes.



Your poker helps you move burning wood around safely, but what if you need to pick a log up? This is where fireplace tongs will be useful. Tongs allow you to move and pick up firewood without any danger of getting burned.



Whenever you burn wood, ashes are a fact of life, and you must clean up the ashy residue after the fire. Of course, you do not want to use the broom you use for sweeping your home to sweep up ashes as they can spread throughout your home. This is why a fireplace broom is so important to have in your fireplace tool kit.

If you need any help picking out the necessary fireplace accessories, contact us at Bart Fireside. We can assist you with assembling the perfect fireplace tool kit.