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The Advantages of a Gas Fireplace

The Advantages of a Gas Fireplace

When researching fireplaces, homeowners often discover that there are different materials used for building but they do not realize that some even burn different types of wood. What many people do not realize is that a gas log fireplace has more advantages over a wood-burning fireplace and can seem just as real with added features. Also, some of the natural features that most look forward to from the traditional wood fireplace can be detrimental to your home and your health, if not properly maintained.

Gas logs add a comfort and ease to your heating system. Call Bart Fireside today to see about installing gas logs.

Gas logs add a comfort and ease to your heating system. Call Bart Fireside today to see about installing gas logs.

Because technology has advanced, creators are able to make these gas log products in such a way that they do not take away from the traditional fireplace experience. Gas fireplace logs are made with different types of materials, such as ceramic and foam, that has been treated to resist flames and reinforced with steel supports. While the foam logs are easier to clean and less expensive, they are prone to cracks. Both types of heat can be inexpensive since gas is less expensive than electricity and wood can be found free. However, a gas fireplace will cool down shortly after the end of use while a wood-burning fireplace must be watched to make sure all burning pieces go out. You can also adjust the fire level in a gas fireplace for flexibility of temperature and appearance of flames.

Gas fireplaces are also a lot easier to use than a wood-burning fixture. Wood-burning fireplaces must be cleaned after every use or at least close enough to remove ash. Also, the wood used in a fire can release creosotes. Gas fireplaces however will only need to be cleaned periodically. Gas logs are also easier to use because they have a pilot like a heater and when the button is pushed you will have flames. Gas log fires are easier to build because you only need a gas line where as with wood you must have both kindling and wood.

  1. Camille Devaux12-05-18

    I was thinking about getting a gas fireplace for my new place. It would be a nice to have a less-expensive option for your home. This is a big deal since you are trying to make sure that your home is stylish on a budget.

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