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Vent-Free Gas Stoves

Convenient Vent-Free Gas Stoves

If you want the “look” of a wood stove but have no desire to burn wood, Bart Fireside has many vent-free, direct-vent, and natural-vent gas stoves that have the look but none of the mess. Also, Bart has gas inserts to turn that inefficient fireplace into a convenient heat producing gas fireplace.

Come by and feel the heat and see the flame! You’ll be delighted with the product and assured by the service at Bart Fireside.

See how they operate at right.

Vent-Free Gas Stove Facts

  • Classic wood stove look
  • Excellent source of supplemental heat
  • Operates during power outages
  • Near instant heat output
  • “Vent-Free” does not mean “Odor-Free” – Some people are sensitive to room vented appliances
  • Combustion air drawn from room
  • Options: remote control, wall switch, wall or remote thermostat
  • All of our vent-free stoves come with fixed mesh screens
  • Vent-free units are not approved for bedrooms, bathrooms, or other areas classified as a confined space, unless less than 10,000 btus and approved for confined spaces
  • Many models can set on any hard flat surface without insulated pad
  • Adjustable flame height and heat ouput
  • All fireplaces must be installed according to manufacturer’s specifications and by a certified installer.
  • Clearance to combustibles must be maintained by builder / homeowner
  • Availble in LP or Natural Gas
Our Most Popular Vent-Free Gas Stove

Concorde By Monessen


  • High Quality European Castings
  • Operational Cast Doors Available
  • 32,000 btus at 99.9% Efficient
  • Electronic Pilot Igition
  • Optional Remote, Thermostat, Wall Switch
  • ODS, Safety Pilot, Millivolt Control Standard
  • Variable Control Heat Output and Flame Adjustment
  • Matte Black and Porcelain Finishes: Graphite, Brown Enamel