How the Right Fireplace Accessories Can Make Your Life Easier

You’ve got the warm and beautiful fireplace you always wanted. Now you just need the tools to make it easier to maintain and enjoy. Funnily enough, we find that many of our customers in and around Columbia, South Carolina, end up using various odds and ends that they’ve jimmy-rigged to work as ash buckets, shovels and brooms, log racks, pokers, etc. Not only can this be dangerous (as the right tools are specially designed to withstand heat without transferring it), but using improper tools is just making your life more difficult.

Life is hard enough, let us make your search for the perfect accessories easy.

Life is hard enough, let us make your search for the perfect accessories easy.

What Tools Do I Really Need?

There are certain accessories that we consider nothing short of absolutely necessary when it comes to building, maintaining, and safely extinguishing a fire. Of course, different types of heating appliances necessitate different accessories. Come visit us at our showroom at 1131 Broad River Road in Columbia, and our experts will be able to show you your fireplace accessory options and recommend the best tools for you and your hearth.

As just one example, not just any old bucket will do as an ash bucket. An ash bucket should always be metal, should always have a lid, and should have an inverted bottom so that the hot ash at the bottom of your pail will not be in direct contact with the surface you rest it on. Furthermore, you should never place a hot ash bucket on a deck or wooden porch. Instead, store it a good distance from your home on a non-flammable surface, as hot coals can smolder for days after you’ve scooped them from your stove or fireplace.

The Accessories We Carry

At Bart Fireside’s Hearth & Patio Store, we carry just about every fireplace accessory you can think of including:

  • Toolsets
  • Floor valves
  • Ash buckets
  • Log racks
  • Glass doors for masonry, stone, and manufactured fireplaces
  • Freestanding screens
  • Spark guards
  • Log lighters
  • Andirons
  • Grates
  • Chimney caps
  • Mantles

We also carry purely decorative items that can go a long way to refresh the look of your house. These items include:

  • Matted and framed paintings
  • Mirrors
  • Brass candlesticks
  • Sconces
  • Picture holders

Among others, we carry the following product brand names:

  • Virginia Metalcrafters
  • Stoll
  • Diamond W
  • Fireguard
  • Portland Willamette
  • Dagan
  • Uniflame
  • Minuteman
  • Pilgrim
  • Gelco
  • Hearthmaster

If you need something for your hearth, you can pretty much bet we have it at Bart Fireside.