Personalize your outdoor patio & kitchen with Bart Fireside

Personalize your outdoor patio & kitchen with Bart Fireside

Warmer weather has arrived, and that means it is time to enjoy your outdoor kitchen or other living space outside. If you are wanting to add some special elements to your outdoor kitchen area, Bart Fireside offers a wide variety of accessories to up

date that space. We would like to tell you a bit more about some of the types of outdoor kitchen and patio accessories you can find in our showroom.


Featuring original and unique designs of cast stone fountains, statuary, and garden decor, Henri Studios have been adding elegance to backyards for over 50 years. Bart Fireside carries these premium outdoor products, and we can also install the hand-poured stone creation you select. Imagine relaxing by your own private fountain every evening. We are happy to turn this image into your reality!


As a dealer of Hatteras Hammocks, Bart Fireside can make your outdoor kitchen more comfortable by installing one of these high-quality hammocks or swings. Whether you would like a traditional rope hammock, a tufted hammock, or a pillowtop hammock from Hatteras, we can help you find the perfect one. You can also find both single- and double-seated swings made by Hatteras in our showroom.


Bart Fireside is proud to sell elegant and sophisticated Olympia outdoor patio lamps. Light up your outdoor kitchen with its best-selling Portofino Globe Lamp, which is a standing lamp of four globes. You can also select from string lighting and table lamps to add some glowing light to your backyard living space.


For the past 20 years, Galtech International has been manufacturing outdoor kitchen and patio umbrellas from the best materials available. Bart Fireside can help you choose between umbrellas made from aluminum and wood. Their aluminum umbrellas use stainless steel cables and patented auto tilt mechanisms, and their wood umbrellas are finished with six layers of marine grade varnish for beauty and the durability to last outdoors.


Here in the South, we treasure being able to sit outside and relax in a rocking chair, and Bart Fireside has the perfect rockers for your outdoor kitchen. Tyndall Creek, from North Carolina, makes comfortable rocking chairs in three different sizes, and you can choose from seven finishes: natural, cherry, mahogany, white, green, black, and oak on maple.


If you are looking for an interesting conversation piece for your outdoor kitchen, Bart Fireside would like to suggest a weathervane from Whitehall, the world’s largest manufacturer of weathervanes. Topped with majestic animals such as eagles, horses, and moose, these weathervanes add a unique touch to your outdoor living space.

Considering adding accessories to your outdoor kitchen? Contact Bart Fireside to discover our vast selection.