A leaky chimney is bound to give you unwanted problems. Make sure water doesn't seep in.

A leaky chimney is bound to give you unwanted problems. Make sure water doesn’t seep in.

With the spring heading our way, we can expect to see more rain showers. This also means that homeowners with chimneys may have less use of thefireplace. Often, leaks show themselves during this time. If you see water collecting somewhere in your chimney, call Bart Fireside to come do an inspection.

How does the water get into your chimney?

Water can enter your chimney in many ways, the most common being a crack in the structure of the chimney or the flue. Your sweep can do a controlled water test at home to see where the water is entering if you do suspect you have a leak. Spraying small portions of water onto the chimney in different time spans can reveal leaky areas. Damaged flashing can also allow water to enter the unit. Your chimney technician will be able to tell if this is the problem, and can fix it for the future.

Why do you need to keep water out of your chimney?

Water can begin to mold inside of your chimney in as little as one or two days. Many homeowners do not even realize mold is growing because there are so many colors and textures mold can come in. If not properly removed, the mold can begin to spread to your home, putting your family’s health in danger.

What can you do to prevent water from causing future problems?

No matter how hard you try, there is no sure way to prevent water from entering the chimney. However, you can add some tasks in your maintenance routine that will help lessen the chance. The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommends installing a chimney cap because they are inexpensive but productive. After an inspection, you can also have your chimney waterproofed. After 24 hours of dry time you can begin applying the repellent, which will then dry and create a seal. If you live in a wet environment, it is common that you have multiple coats applied at least six hours apart., so make sure you pick a couple days forecasted with dry weather.