When you live in the South, it is never too late to use your grill. In the Columbia, South Carolina area, we are fortunate enough to be able to enjoy moderate temperatures all the way through the fall. In fact, grilling outside in the fall allows you, your friends, and your family to enjoy the cooler weather on your patio or deck. If you have been considering buying a new grill, it is not too late to find your perfect grill at Bart Fireside. We carry a wide variety of high-quality grills from which you can choose, and we would like to tell you more about the different brands of grills you can find in our showroom.

Fire Magic Grills - Columbia SC - Bart Fireside

Fire Magic Grills

Offering grills that deliver the ultimate in beauty, durability, and performance, Fire Magic Grills are available in a wide range of features, sizes, and fuel options. If you prefer charcoal, you can also find charcoal grills and smokers. If you are looking for a top of the line grill, you may want to consider the Echelon Diamond Grills from Fire Magic. You will get a luxurious grilling experience with state-of-the-art features such as hot surface ignition, blue backlit knobs, a dedicated woodchip smoker drawer, and an optional Magic View window.

Vermont Castings

With attractive designs and gourmet cooking features, gas barbecue grills from Vermont Castings are uniquely constructed from stainless steel and cast iron for long-lasting durability and offer porcelain coated surfaces for superior protection and easy cleaning. Lighting one of these grills is simple with the electronic ignition, and you can adjust the heat from high for searing to low for slow cooking.

The Buck Grill

Featuring a dual burner unit with individual heat controls, The Buck Grill allows you to sear food on one side of the grill and warm up food on the other side. Cleaning up one of these grills is easy with its drip bucket that collects grease and excess fat for simple disposal. If you are considering a smoker, The Buck Grill comes with a smoker tray that can be filled with wood chips to infuse your food with flavor. You can also use this grill as a steamer by closing the drip pan shut-off and filling the drip pan with water. If you are looking for a versatile grill, take a closer look at The Buck Grill.

The Vidalia Grill

Called the system of the future, the Vidalia Grill offers a unique reversible twin pan design and dual direct and indirect cooking surfaces. With a Vidalia Grill, you can grill, sear, roast, smoke, steam, bake, boil, and fry without having to purchase additional accessories. You will never have to worry about flare ups on one of these grills, even if you are cooking large meats.

Considering buying a grill this summer? It is not too late to find one of these grills or another grill from one of the other superior brands we carry at Bart Fireside. Contact us to find out more about our wide selection of great grills.