Summer is just around the corner, and shopping for a new grill is on the top of many people’s lists of summer preparation tasks. One of the first things grill shoppers must consider is where to look for the grill of their dreams. Big box stores like Sam’s Club and Costco offer some great bargains on grills, but specialty stores like Bart Fireside provide higher quality brands, installation services, and other things that the big box stores cannot offer. We would like to tell you about the differences between shopping for grills at Bart Fireside or another specialty store and Sam’s Club or another big box store.


Yes, the big box stores offer huge discounts on grills, and you can save a lot of money purchasing a grill from one of these stores. However, most big box stores require you to pay an annual membership fee to be able to shop in their stores, so keep that fact in mind when grill shopping. Specialty stores do not have an annual fee, and many of these small shops like Bart Fireside will offer you special deals. At Bart Fireside, we have warehouse sales where you can find great deals on certain models of our grills.

We Sell Big Green Egg - Columbia SC - Bart Fireside


If you are looking for a top quality grill, you most likely will not find the grill you want at a big box store. Certain brands of the best grills on the market can only be found in specialty stores. For example, the Big Green Egg, a grill highly recommended by Bart Fireside, refuses to sell their products at the big box stores. As stated on their website, “Big Green Egg does not authorize distribution of its products through shopping clubs, wholesale clubs or discount club stores and discount chain stores, or through e-commerce sites.” The reason the Big Green Egg decided to stay away from the big box stores is simple: they want their product sold by authorized dealers because the employees at the smaller specialty stores know more specific information about grills and can better serve you in choosing the right Big Green Egg product. Bart Fireside is proud to be an authorized Big Green Egg dealer, and we also carry other high quality brands of grills, such as Napoleon and TEC.

Customer Service

When you shop at a big box store, it can be easy to get lost in the crowd. With so many customers looking for products, finding an employee to help you select the best grill and to answer any questions you have can be a difficult task. Shopping for a grill at Bart Fireside is a completely different experience. You will get one-on-one service from one of our knowledgeable employees who not only will help you with whatever you need, but also remember your name. We can ensure you have the best warranty option, and we also provide professional installation and repair service that you might not find at a big box store.

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