The Advantages Of Inserts

One thing we always try to do for our clients at Bart Fireside: find the answers to your home heating, hearth and patio problems. Since we’ve been providing Columbia area residents with hearth and patio products since 1979, we’ve come across just about every conundrum imaginable, and we’ve done our best to provide the perfect solution for those fireplace, stove and outdoor kitchen needs.

Over the years, we’ve found that fireplace inserts rank high on our problem-solver list again and again. Curious about whether an insert might fill your heating needs? Here are a few of the more consistent benefits inserts bring:

Not only are inserts extremely convenient to use, they are also environmentally-friendly.

Not only are inserts extremely convenient to use, they are also environmentally-friendly.

Problem: My Fireplace Isn’t Functional Or Isn’t Safe

If a chimney professional has inspected your older fireplace and found that it’s damaged to a point where it’s not safe to use it, you may think that your options are either to take on the expense of a rebuild or just turn it into a decorative fireplace. But as long as your chimney is still useable, having an insert installed can renew your fireplace’s function in a much faster and more affordable way than a rebuild. And whether you’re looking for a wood-burning insert or gas insert, Bart Fireside can show you a unit that works for your space and suits your taste!

Problem: My Old Fireplace Is Looking Its Age

Since inserts are retrofitted into your current fireplace’s space, they completely refresh and reinvent the fireplace’s look. And we carry a wide variety of inserts, too, from more traditional models to more modern ones — so whether you’re just looking for a fresher version of the old fireplace’s look or a totally new aesthetic, Bart Fireside can help!

Problem: My Wood-burning Fireplace Is Too Much Of A Hassle

As great as wood-burning fireplaces are, you can’t deny that they require something of a time and effort commitment, between gathering fuel and building fires to cleaning up messes. Gas appliances, however, are as convenient as can be — push a button or turn a key, and pull up a seat with a mug of cocoa to enjoy your fire. By installing a gas insert in your existing wood-burning fireplace space, we can switch you over to the convenience of gas!

Problem: I’m Concerned About My Energy Footprint

We talk to a lot of clients who want to be more energy efficient and purposeful about their use of heating fuel. For those folks, we often recommend pellet and corn-burning inserts — these burn wood and corn that would otherwise have been waste materials, so you’re enjoying a fire with something akin to recycled fuel. These appliances are also designed to be convenient to use and great zone heaters, too!

If you’re thinking a new insert might solve your heating appliance problem, let Bart Fireside help — we can steer you toward the perfect appliance for your home and lifestyle. Just give us a call!