If you think your fireplace is losing it's glow, maybe it's time to add in accessories that can boost its performance and its appeal. Giving your fireplace a brand new life also means you get to enjoy it more.

If you think your fireplace is losing it’s glow, maybe it’s time to add in accessories that can boost its performance and its appeal. Giving your fireplace a brand new life also means you get to enjoy it more.

When a fireplace is looking its best, it’s a beautiful focal point in any space, bringing warmth and charm and a cozy, welcoming aesthetic. When a fireplace is a little worse for wear, it’s still a focal point — only it’s drawing people’s attention toward the negative, and making your space feel dingy and damaged, even if it doesn’t deserve those descriptors.

At Bart Fireside, we specialize in sourcing and offering the best brand new fireplaces on the market, from wood-burning to gas-burning or even clean-burning, highly efficient hybrid wood-burning units. But that’s far from all we do.

If you have an existing fireplace that needs some help, Bart Fireside can offer suggestions and products that will make a big difference, whatever your budget might be.

How Much Fireplace Change Are You Looking For?

There are a lot of different ways to freshen a fireplace — and our suggestions will depend on how much change you’re looking for.

Small Changes With A Big Impact

Any realtor will tell you — even if you can’t do major renovations, staging and accessorizing can make a big difference in freshening the look of your home. The same can be said for your fireplace.

If you want to give your fireplace a visual pick me up, but aren’t ready to get into a full overhaul, some well-placed fireplace accessories or extras can bring an aesthetic boost even if you’re not working with a big budget. That can be as simple as replacing your grates and adding a bright and shiny new ash bucket and tools. It could be a little more involved, with a new freestanding screen or glass doors. Or we could make an even bigger difference with a brand new mantle in any Minwax finish you want.

Stop by the Bart Fireside store to check out our fireplace accessories — and if you have any questions or want to ask talk about items or options that you don’t see, just ask us!

Medium Change That Brings Big Convenience

Is your issue more that you can’t find the time (or are sick of putting in the effort) to deal with constantly fiddling with and cleaning up after your wood-burning fireplace? Gas logs might be a great option for freshening your existing fireplace up, functionally and visually.

Gas logs are installed in your existing firebox, and they make it so you can enjoy your fire with the turn of a knob or push of a button. And you don’t have to wait for embers to die before turning in for the night after a fire either — your fire turns off just as easily!

Large Change That Brings A Total Refresh

If your existing fireplace isn’t serving your needs functionally or aesthetically, and you’re ready for a new beginning (but not a totally new fireplace), a new fireplace insert might be your best option.

Fireplace inserts are retrofitted into your existing fireplace space, and bring a totally new look and totally new function but make use of your old chimney. You can choose to have a new wood-burning insert installed, to continue to enjoy the ambiance of wood but get far more fuel efficiency and a beautiful new look. Or you can choose a gas insert to take advantage of ease and convenience. Whatever fuel you prefer, Bart Fireside can recommend a beautiful, durable and efficient insert that you’ll love!

If you’re looking to give your fireplace a boost — or are on the market for a brand new fireplace — we’d love to help. Give Bart Fireside a call, or stop by our store!