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Are you shopping for a new grill this season? At Bart’s Fireside, not only do we specialize in fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, and gas logs, but we also carry a wide selection of many different brands of grills. Our expert staff can assist you with selecting the perfect grill for you and your family. We would like to share a few brands we carry that have made various Top 10 Best Grills of 2014 lists this year in the barbecue blogs to give you some ideas in your search for the perfect grill.

We know you want the best quality for the best price, but there are other things to consider. Let us help make your search for a grill simple, easy and fast.

We know you want the best quality for the best price, but there are other things to consider. Let us help make your search for a grill simple, easy and fast.

  • Fire Magic Named both the Most Luxurious Gas Grill for the Echelon Diamond E790i and the Most Well Designed Gas Grill for the Aurora A660 in “The Best Gas Grills of 2014” by the BBQ Guys, Fire Magic grills have been setting the standard in grills for over 25 years. Featuring the widest temperature ranges, stainless steel cooking grids, and lifetime-warranty covered stainless-steel burners, these grills have versatility, inventive features, a variety of sizes, and cooking power to last a lifetime. With a built-in option or a cart grill, Fire Magic grills come with lots of optional accessories that make them a perfect choice for your outdoor kitchen. To really add to your outdoor entertainment and dining area, you can add stainless steel drawers, bar caddies, and power burners that provide up to 60,000 BTUs. Ask the staff at Bart’s Fireside which Fire Magic grill is right for you.
  • Napoleon Making the Top Ten Gas Grills Between $250 and $500 for 2014 list for its LA200SB at About Barbecues and Grilling, all Napoleon Grills come with a Presidents Limited Lifetime Warranty, so you know you are getting a durable grill that should last your family a lifetime. The burners, the sear grids, the burner plates, and the drip pans are all made out of thick stainless steel. While the LA200SB model is certainly economical, if you are looking for luxury, you will want to check out the Napoleon Prestige series. Varying features on Napoleon grills include stainless steel cabinet bases, slide shelves, stainless steel griddle, temperature gauge, 10,000 BTU side burner with lid, and an infra-red rear burner for rotisserie cooking. The experts at Bart’s Fireside will be able to guide you through the different Napoleon grill collections to find the best grill for you.
  • The Big Green Egg One of the biggest trends in charcoal grills that is sweeping the nation, the small version of the Big Green Egg made the Top Ten Small Grills list at About Barbecues and Grilling, and deservedly so. The most versatile outdoor cooker ever, you can grill, smoke, roast, barbecue, and even bake in a Big Green Egg. You will be amazed at how easy it is to use this grill. Just fill it up with the specially made natural lump charcoal and watch the thick ceramic shell retain heat. You can control temperatures with the top and bottom draft – from 800 degrees or 200 degrees. Even better, maintenance and cleaning are easy. The natural charcoal leaves little ash, and all you have to do is close up the drafts tight when you are done cooking and put out the remaining charcoal to use the next time you use your Egg. Ask the staff at Bart’s Fireside how much we love the Big Green Egg.

If you are interested in one of these brands or would like to know about more brands we carry, contact Bart’s Fireside today to speak to a member of our knowledgeable staff about all of our grill options.


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