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Direct-Vent Gas Fireplaces

Energy Efficient Direct-Vent Gas Fireplaces

A direct-vent gas fireplace has a sealed combustion chamber that prevents any combustion gases from entering the room. Also, the combustion air is drawn from the outside. This allows a direct-vent fireplace to be installed in any room, including bedrooms and baths. In homes that are very tight or when occupants are sensitive to room venting (vent-free), a direct-vent fireplace is the way to go.

There are very little design limitations with a direct-vent gas fireplace. They can vent horizontally to an outside wall or vertically through the roof. Also the direct-vents available at Bart Fireside are designed with a convection heat exchanger that makes a typical 80% efficient direct-vent fireplace more cost effective to operate than a 99.9% efficient vent-free fireplace, because it is able to heat many rooms.

Direct-Vent Fireplace Facts

  • One of the most cost effective supplemental heat sources
    • Operates during power outages
    • More realistic flame than vent-free appliances
    • Flame behind protective glass that radiates heat
    • Options: fan kit, remote control, wall switch, wall or remote thermostat, firebrick designs, decorative faceplates
    • Combustion air drawn from outside
    • No odors
    • Direct units are available in widths and shapes to fit nearly any room and decor
    • Greater BTUs than vent-free appliances, which means more heat and flame
    • All fireplaces must be installed according to manufacturer’s specifications and by a certified installer
    • Clearance to combustibles must be maintained by builder / homeowner
    • Available in LP or Natural Gas


Our Most Popular Direct-Vent Fireplaces

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Enviro C44 Linear


Heat & Glo 6000 CLX


White Mountain Hearth Rushmore

Ambiance Intrigue


Superior DRT3500


White Mountain Tahoe


Majestic Marquis II – Single Sided or See-Through