Bart Fireside is a licensed dealer for the Big Green Egg. Stop by to get your own!

Bart Fireside is a licensed dealer for the Big Green Egg. Stop by to get your own!

If you are into grilling and smoking food, you have most likely heard of the Big Green Egg. Billed as the “ultimate cooking experience,” the Big Green Egg is a modern-day version of the clay cookers used by ancient cultures that was developed by Ed Fisher in 1974 in Atlanta. Over the years, the Big Green Egg has become the highest quality ceramic cooking system on the market. Available in six sizes, this dome-shaped cooker, which is constructed with state-of-the-art ceramics, cannot be found in big box or discount stores because the company only allows the Big Green Egg to be sold by authorized dealers. Bart Fireside is very proud to be an authorized dealer of this amazing grill, and we would like to tell you more about its benefits.


According to the Big Green Egg, the reason why their cooker is so superior lies in its patented components and ceramic technology. The way the Big Green Egg is manufactured provides excellent insulation, thermal shock tolerance, and durability that is guaranteed for a lifetime.


Its specially-made oak and hickory charcoal is quick and easy to ignite, and you do not have to wait long to be able to start cooking in your Big Green Egg. It reaches the right cooking temperature in just minutes since it is designed for airflow to work like a fireplace.


By adjusting the patented airflow controls, you can control the cooking temperature and maintain temperature accuracy within a few degrees. This feature allows you to use your Big Green Egg as a grill, a smoker, and even an oven. Its temperature accuracy is guaranteed up to a flaming 750 degrees Fahrenheit.


So many people decide against grilling because they dread the chore of cleaning the grill after the food has been cooked. The stainless steel cooking grid and its signature green exterior of the Big Green Egg can be wiped clean without any chemical cleaners. The interior of this cooker is much like a self-cleaning oven because the residual heat burns off anything that has built up on the grid.


So much safer to use than a regular charcoal or gas grill, the ceramic surface of the Big Green Egg never gets as hot as the typical metal grill can. Additionally, its heat source is located within a ceramic fire box inside the base, which protects people from getting burned during the cooking process.

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