Types Of Outdoor Kitchens/Fire pits

Even if you can’t expand your indoor living space, improving your outdoor space can make it feel like your home just got a lot bigger. That’s particularly true with an outdoor kitchen — it can bring you more space and broader options, and put a definitive stamp on your outdoor space, swapping it squarely out of “yard” or “patio territory” into the world of real-deal “outdoor living.”

At parties and during holidays, everyone always tends to gather in the kitchen, but when yours is too small for comfortable entertaining, it can make something that should be fun feel stressful and crowded. Your outdoor kitchen can include some of your favorite cooking options, and add in some seriously open concept space and the highest of ceilings.

Choosing the right outdoor kitchen for your needs means taking many things, including preference, under consideration.

Choosing the right outdoor kitchen for your needs means taking many things; including preference, under consideration.

Outdoor kitchens have come a long way in recent years, too — a lot of homeowners have outdoor kitchens that are as nice, if not nicer, than the one inside. You’re really only limited by your vision and your preferences (budget figures in there too, of course).

A few types of outdoor kitchens that might appeal to you (and that Magic Broom can help make a reality):

Cook’s Kitchen

If you’re a serious home cook who loves to entertain, you can have an outdoor kitchen built that broadens your cooking options greatly. Want an outdoor cooking island with a grill that can handle cooking for a massive crowd? An outdoor oven? We can install an outdoor kitchen focused around your culinary needs, with appliances and prep space fit for feasts.

Entertaining Space

If you prefer to sit and enjoy rather than preparing elaborate meals, your outdoor kitchen can be geared toward entertaining, with a gas fireplace that starts up with the flip of a switch, lots of room for seating and a sink and refrigerator for serving.

Options are beyond plentiful, and if you want help bringing your dream outdoor kitchen to life, just give us a call.

Fire pits: From Portable Pits To Custom Stone

If you’re not quite in the market for a full-on outdoor kitchen, adding an outdoor fire pit is a great way to enjoy a fire with your family and friends, and to boost the beauty of your yard. You have a broad array of options, too, from a simple portable fire pit to having Magic Broom install a beautiful and lasting custom stone fire pit.

A few of your fire pit options:

Wood-burning fire pit

A great choice if you live in a treed area where fallen wood is abundant (though you still should remember to dry that wood before you burn it). Designs, shapes and sizes vary far and wide: a round stone fire pit, a square brick one — we can even install a wood-burning fire pit with a grill or rotisserie for easy cooking.

Gas fire pit

With a gas fire pit, you’ll have a fire going in a snap, and it’ll create almost no mess and no smoke. Just like wood-burning units, you can find one (or have a custom firepit built) that matches pretty much any aesthetic and fits into any space, and you also have some bold and unique options — like filling the base with colorful and eye-grabbing firepit glass. A fuel line needs to run to it, but Magic Broom can help, and once it’s installed, you have a safe, clean and easy-to-use firepit.

We love seeing outdoor spaces transform. Give us a call if you’d like to talk about transforming yours!