If you would like to upgrade your old masonry fireplace, Bart Fireside thinks you should consider installing a stove insert. You will improve the heating efficiency in your home as well as save money on your heating bills during the winter. You may have noticed that your older fireplace does not seem to provide enough heat to the room, and this has increased your heating bills over the years. Whether you choose a wood-burning or gas stove insert, you will be heating your home much more efficiently, and both fuel options burn more cleanly with less pollution. To help you decide if a stove insert is the best choice for your home, we would like to tell you about the pros and cons of both gas and wood-burning inserts.



Convenient and easy to use

Are Stove Inserts the Best Choice for You - Columbia SC - Bart FiresideMost models of gas stove inserts can be operated by remote control, so you can easily start a fire by pressing a button. You also will not have to wait for the fire to die out at the end of the night. If you would rather not do chores like bringing in firewood and sweeping up ashes, you will love your gas stove insert.


The fires in gas stove inserts produce very little creosote, smoke, or ash, and the pollution emitted by one of these heating appliances is very low. According to HouseLogic, you can use a gas stove insert for zone heating, which reduces the amount of fuel you consume.


No sensory experiences

If you are a fan of wood-burning fires, a gas stove insert may not be for you. Although you can get very realistic-looking fires in these appliances, you will not have the smells and sounds you get from a wood fire.



Cleaner and more efficient wood burning

Many models of wood stove inserts have been approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as clean-burning heating appliances with efficiency rates of 60 to 80 percent.

Cozy warmth and comfort

There is just something special about a wood fire. With a wood stove insert, you get the crackles and the pops, along with the woodsy scents and the beauty of the flames.


More maintenance

You will have to buy and store firewood as well as to bring the wood inside for building the fire. More cleaning is also involved with wood stove inserts.

Only installed in masonry fireplaces

If you have a prefab chimney, you could be in danger if you install a wood stove insert. Factory-built chimneys are not constructed to withstand the high temperatures produced by burning wood.

If you think installing a stove insert is your best choice for updating your fireplace, contact Bart Fireside at 803-772-7364. We can help you decide if gas or wood would be the best fuel for heating your home.