Since we all have indoor kitchens, it can strike one as a little funny, when you think about it, how many humans love to venture outside their perfectly conditioned interiors to barbecue their food in the thick of the summer heat. But there are lots of good reasons to grill out—some of them practical, some social, some of them even biological.

Is your mouth watering? There are reasons why many of us look forward to grilling out.

Is your mouth watering? There are reasons why many of us look forward to grilling out.

Here are eight of Bart Fireside’s best reasons to fire up your barbecue tonight:

  1. It turns food preparation and cooking into a social event. What if the heart of the home isn’t in the kitchen but rather in the outdoor kitchen? This appears to be the case, as dinner guests love spending time outdoors near the grill, where all the action and the delicious smells happen.
  1. Food prepared on the grill is naturally fresher. You’re not going to have to worry much about being served processed foods—or even rich, creamy, calorie-laden stuff—hot off a barbecue. Instead grills seem to naturally encourage the cooking of fresh meats, fish, and vegetables.
  1. It makes use of all your of senses. The bases of smell, sight, sound, and of course taste are all covered when grilling.
  1. It’s instinctive. It could be said that cooking over a live fire is in our DNA. The cavemen did it; we want to, too
  1. It’s exciting. Speaking of live fire, isn’t it more thrilling to cook over it than to peer into the door of an oven every so often? Barbecuing makes cooking feel like more of an event.
  1. It’s versatile. You can cook almost anything on a barbecue, especially one like the Primo ceramic grill, which many of our customers use to cook things like pizzas and even fruit pies
  1. It gets you outdoors. OK, so barbecuing doesn’t exactly equate with taking a hike in the woods, but it’s still a way to get people outside, which is naturally grounding and calming.
  1. It saves you the hassle of kitchen cleanup. Consolidated to just one cooker, dinners prepared on a barbecue like the Big Green Egg require less cleanup afterwards. This makes dinner taste that much better

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