Three Energy-Efficient Options

Saving energy means saving money, and we all can agree that these are two resources we definitely should be conserving. With today’s technology, fireplaces have become more energy-efficient than ever, earning praise from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). At Bart Fireside, we are proud to offer energy-efficient options for our customers to choose from when buying a fireplace or stove, and we would like to share with you three of our energy-efficient options that will heat your home comfortably as well as saving both money and energy.


In the past, wood-burning fireplaces were not very environmentally-friendly, adding to the pollution problem. However, new technology has allowed the invention of high-efficiency hybrid wood-burning fireplaces that save both energy and money. These are true hybrids as they use a catalytic combustor with a secondary combustion system. To fully understand how these work, you should know how each system works independently. A catalytic combustor can break down the compounds in wood smoke at temperatures as low as 500 degrees, which allows for low pollution at a low to moderate burn rate. Requiring much higher temperatures, the secondary combustion system also breaks down those compounds in wood smoke at a higher burn rate. The trick is to get the

One advantage to installing an energy-efficient appliance is that you save both energy and money.

One advantage to installing an energy-efficient appliance is that you save both energy and money.

se two systems to work together efficiently and effectively. This is done by using an air damper system that controls both primary and secondary air to the firebox, which is done automatically so you do not have to worry about pushing buttons or switching levers. Unused secondary air is delivered to the combustor at a lower burn rate, or the air combines with gases in the firebox at higher burn rates to give you a clean-burning, warm fire. Our most popular high-efficiency hybrid wood-burning fireplaces at Bart’s Fireside include the Lennox Montecito Estate and the Lennox Villa Vista.


Another popular energy-efficient option, vent-free gas fireplaces are an inexpensive way to add a fireplace to your home because no chimney is needed as there is no smoke. These fireplaces give you the option to place them wherever you want, and there are many different styles from which to choose. With a 99% energy-efficient performance, a vent-free gas fireplace will provide warm heat to your home, even if the power goes out. Our most popular vent-free gas fireplaces include the Chesapeake Vent-Free System, the Lowrider Universal Vent-Free Firebox, and the Magnum Universal Vent-Free Firebox.


If you have an old wood-burning fireplace in your home and you would like to make it more energy-efficient, installing a gas fireplace insert is an excellent idea, encouraged by the EPA. Whether it is vent-free, direct vent or natural vent, gas fireplace inserts operate as a gas stove, but is professionally installed by our technicians at Bart’s Fireside inside an existing fireplace, Able to fit most masonry fireplaces, gas fireplace inserts are an economical way to turn that old wood-burning fireplace into an energy-efficient heating option.

If you are looking for a more energy-efficient way to heat your home, contact Bart’s Fireside today to talk to our staff about these options as well as other energy-efficient heating systems we carry and install.